Thermal protection performance

Protecting aerospace structures and payloads up to Mach 25?
We got that.

Our smallest re-entry devices, RED-Data and RED-Test, serve as affordable expendable test beds to study thermal protection system performance and high speed flight dynamics upon reentry from Earth orbit. The first space flight of our RED-Data2 capsules took place in 2017.

The most recent model, RED-Data3, features improvements including enhanced data collection capabilities, increased communications bandwidth, improved autonomy, and a lower unit cost.


  • Low Mass
  • Autonomous
  • Aerodynamically Stable
  • Enhanced data collection capabilities
  • Increased communications bandwidth
  • Improved autonomy
  • Lower unit cost


  • TPS Testing & Evaluation
  • Atmospheric Re-entry Data
  • Flight Environment Profiling
Size 23 x 23 x19 cm
Mass <6 kg
Sensors 10+