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Entry Systems

Realizing Payload Return and Precision Landing

The immense potential of the in-space manufacturing economy hinges on the ability to return valuable materials and products to Earth.

A similar capability need underlies nascent markets and missions for ultra-high speed cargo delivery via exoatmospheric flight. SpaceWorks is developing a line of re-entry device (RED) products that incorporate key technical solutions to the challenges of thermal protection, maneuverability, and precision landing.


Returning small, high-value payloads from space is a cornerstone of proposed commercial, scientific, and defense missions. The RED-25 is a 1-meter diameter capsule designed to accommodate 25 kg of payload. Featuring a reconfigurable payload bay and a guided parafoil precision landing system, the RED-25 is an ideal solution for many applications.


SpaceWorks’ small and affordable RED-Data product is ideal for material testing and evaluation, re-entry data collection, and flight environment profiling. This 23-centimeter diameter expendable capsule is aerodynamically stable and can collect and transmit data from 10+ onboard sensors. Three RED-Data units were flown to the International Space Station and re-entered Earth’s atmosphere in 2017.


Sometimes, last-mile delivery of a high-speed, point-to-point payload requires greater flexibility and/or stealth than a parachute or parafoil can offer. The RED-Rescue system is an advanced, encapsulated, air-launched drone platform designed for rapid resupply missions such as search and rescue (SAR) and disaster relief. With RED-Rescue, up to 50 pounds of payload can be delivered precisely, on-demand, and over a long range.


Widespread interest in hypersonic flight systems has highlighted a need for effective and affordable means of testing high-temperature materials under flight-like conditions. The RED-Phoenix system is purpose-built for flight testing leading edge materials, nose caps, sensor windows, and aerodynamic control surfaces in a relevant environment. Best of all, with RED-Phoenix’s supersonic decelerator and parachute, the test article is recoverable for post-flight analysis.

RED Phoenix

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