Advanced Development

Proven Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering Design

For more than 20 years, SpaceWorks has honed unrivaled expertise in early phase design of advanced aerospace systems.

Engineering Services

Concept Definition

Systems Analysis

Trade Studies

Disciplinary Expertise

  • Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization
  • Aerospace Structures and Mechanisms
  • Trajectory Optimization
  • Aerodynamic Modeling
  • Entry, Descent, and Landing
  • Flight Dynamics and GN&C
  • Rocket and Airbreathing Propulsion
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Systems Engineering
  • Digital Engineering
  • Cost and Schedule Estimation
  • Probabilistic Analysis

Our Projects

Hypersonic Flight Systems

SpaceWorks is an industry leader in the design and assessment of hypersonic flight systems. The company has supported numerous technology maturation efforts, engineering studies, and roadmap development activities for future high-speed platforms for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Modular Satellite Platforms

SpaceWorks is a pioneer in the field of modular satellite design, recently working with U.S. government agencies to develop a persistent, modular spacecraft platform concept for operation in geosynchronous orbit. For several years, SpaceWorks has been developing hardware for key enabling technologies, creating engineering designs for platform modules and architectures, and helping organizations to evaluate the impact of game-changing modular spacecraft technologies.


Human Space Exploration

Since its founding, SpaceWorks has been an active proponent and supporter of human space explorations, including a return to the Moon. We have supported various government and private industry-led efforts to develop lunar landers, transfer stages, fuel depots, and other exploration architecture elements.

Space Station satellite

High-speed Point-to-Point Flight

SpaceWorks has been a frequent partner in conceptual and preliminary design of high-speed point-to-point flight systems. We are studying new concepts for transoceanic high-supersonic to hypersonic flight at Mach 4 and above, including cruisers for passengers and boost-glide concepts for cargo. SpaceWorks was a founding member of the FastForward Project working group.

Flight Project 4

Advanced Propulsion

SpaceWorks is a leading advocate for research and development of combined-cycle propulsion systems (combining rocket, gas turbine, and/or ramjet/scramjet propulsion). We have developed multiple rocket-based combined-cycle (RBCC) engine designs, one of which has progressed to hardware testing.

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