Space and flight solutions for the next generation

From hypersonics to human lunar exploration, SpaceWorks is continuously working to strengthen our national defense, and to support the commercialization of spaceflight concepts.

Our Story

SpaceWorks was founded in 2000, on the cusp of the NewSpace revolution, with a vision of accelerating novel aerospace design methods, technologies, and business models. Our company has steadily grown to match our broad aspirations, and we are recognized for the unique combination of capabilities, products, and engineering experience that we leverage every day to deliver for our customers.

Our Mission

Now more than ever, the aerospace domain is at the forefront of addressing compelling questions for our nation and our species. From securing our national defense to understanding our dynamic planet, connecting our global economy to sustaining exploration of the solar system, innovative aerospace solutions are rapidly advancing the state of the art.

SpaceWorks is committed to bringing our expertise and energies to bear on these pressing issues to contribute to a better future for humankind.

Leadership Team

John Bradford, Ph.D. | CEO

Brad St. Germain, Ph.D. | CTO

Jon Wallace | COO

Chris Stroumpis, CPA | CFO

Tyler Kunsa headshot

Tyler Kunsa | VP of Defense & Space Systems

Mark Schaffer | VP of Advanced Development

John Olds, Ph.D. | Founder and Chairman of the Board

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