Patented, All-In-One Spacecraft
Docking and Connection Device

A scalable and multifunctional rendezvous and docking connector technology

FuseBlox facilitate both soft and hard capture with near-zero momentum transfer and provide high-reliability electrical power and data connectivity. Individual FuseBlox are not gendered and are designed to fit a variety of applications. The self-aligning grapple technique accommodates small spacecraft rendezvous misalignments while device symmetry enables four secure mated configurations. (Patent 11,128,082)

Power Transfer: 1120 W (nominal), 1500 W (maximum)
Data Transfer High Mode: Gigabit Ethernet
Data Transfer Low Mode: MIL-STD-1553
Length 10 cm
Depth 20 cm
Width 10cm
Mass ≤ 3.2 kg