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Mono-propellant Deorbit Stage

An affordable in-space maneuvering stage


A high-thrust chemical propulsion stage utilizing environmentally-friendly liquid propellants

SpaceWorks’ mono-propellant deorbit stage (MPDS) is a complementary product for our line of RED reentry devices, designed to quickly and precisely deorbit our space capsules.

The MPDS is designed to meet the requirements of current rideshare launchers. In addition to its primary deorbit mission, the MPDS will be capable of supporting a variety of emerging space tug missions in low Earth orbit including orbital debris cleanup, satellite servicing, satellite orbit raising, and support for private space stations. 

  • Expendable liquid stage
  • High delta-V with a low impulse bit
  • On board power and communications
  • Green (eco-friendly) mono-propellant (hydrazine alternative)
  • Cold gas attitude control system
  • Initial funding from the US Air Force (AFWERX SBIR)
  • In preliminary design and component testing
MPDS Dimensions