Terminal Velocity Staff Members Presented with Group Achievement Award by NASA

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ATLANTA, GA, September 28, 2017 – Three staff members of Terminal Velocity Aerospace, LLC (TVA), Dr. John Dec, Mr. Wahaj Khan, and Mr. Jose Cardona, were recently honored by NASA with a Group Achievement Award.

Dr. Dec, Program Manager, Mr. Khan, an Electrical Engineer, and Mr. Cardona, a Senior Mechanical Engineer (now Affiliate of TVA) worked closely with NASA Johnson on several TPS and heatshield related activities. This award recognizes their achievements in the development of advanced heatshield flight experiments, citing the team’s efforts to “extend the knowledge of aerothermal and TPS modeling through flight.”

This is an honor for Dr. Dec, Mr. Khan, and Mr. Cardona, as well as the entire Terminal Velocity team.

Terminal Velocity Aerospace, LLC (TVA) was a private company dedicated to improving reentry safety and furthering the utilization of outer space. TVA offered small devices for data collection during reentry, and for safe return of small payloads from space. Applications included improving our understanding of spacecraft atmospheric entry and breakup, flight test of high-temperature materials, low-cost recovery from space to facilitate high-frequency space-based research, and small scientific probes for exploration of other planets. TVA was a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. SpaceWorks Enterprises has since reacquired TVA and maintains ownership and future development of all TVA IP.