Our multidisciplinary hardware development teams use consultative, iterative design approaches to solve the toughest challenges associated with high-speed and suborbital flight. Our flight solutions help clients to accelerate development timelines, improve design efficiency, and bring flight hardware to market.

SpaceWorks Flight includes legacy members and projects of Terminal Velocity Aerospace, in addition to a host of other capabilities organized to deliver flight hardware solutions for the next generation.


Flight Hardware Design & Development

  • Structures & Mechanical Systems
  • Thermal Protection Systems
  • Trajectory Optimization
  • Regulatory Compliance & EC Calculation
  • Entry, Descent, & Landing

SpaceWorks Flight supports a variety of flight projects from preliminary design through full flight demonstration.


SpaceWorks Flight is a key engineering partner on the USAF X-60A hypersonic testbed vehicle development effort and its evolutionary derivatives. The X-60A program is primed by our subsidiary unit, Generation Orbit.

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Flight test is in our DNA. Under our heritage Terminal Velocity Aerospace (TVA) brand, SpaceWorks Flight has developed a line of small reentry capsules. Our TVA-branded RED-Data2 is a testbed for collecting and recording heat shield test data from orbital reentry speeds. In 2017, we flew three of these capsules to the ISS in partnership with NASA Ames and NASA JSC. SpaceWorks Flight is also researching our own line of low cost ablative heatshield materials known as Nova.

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SCAAT Propulsion

SpaceWorks Flight is a leading advocate for research and development of combined cycle propulsion systems (combining rocket, gas turbine, and/or ramjet/scramjet propulsion). Our own Supersonic Combustion Air-augmented Thrusting (SCAAT) engine is a novel rocket-based combined cycle design initiated under Air Force SBIR sponsorship.

Hypersonic Point-to-Point Flight

SpaceWorks is a leading proponent and partner in concept development for high speed point-to-point flight systems. We are developing new concepts for hypersonic flight across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at Mach 4 and above including cruisers for passengers and boost glide concepts for cargo. Our support of the FastForward Project working group is part of this effort.


On-demand small sample return is key to enabling emerging materials, exomedicine, and pharmaceutical businesses in low Earth orbit. Our TVA-branded RED-25 is a small sample return capability designed to safely return small payloads from LEO to the surface of Earth under parachute or parafoil. RED-25 is in early phases of design and development at SpaceWorks Flight. In partnership with NASA and the FAA, we conducted drop testing on a smaller version of this capsule in 2015.

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