Our engineers use multi-disciplinary design and leading model-based system engineering to approach the design and evaluation of both human and robotic space systems. Our work helps clients to rapidly answer critical decision maker questions and improves overall quality and program delivery metrics throughout the program lifecycle.


Advanced Concepts

  • Concept Definition
  • System Design & Evaluation
  • Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization
  • Concept Trade Studies
  • Probabilistic Analysis
  • Technology Prioritization

Systems Engineering

  • Architecture Definition
  • Program Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Cost, Schedule, & Risk Analysis
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Model Development

SpaceWorks Engineering conducts independent aerospace design and analyses for hypersonic, robotic spacecraft, and manned space systems.

SpaceWorks is an industry leader in the design and assessment of hypersonic flight systems. The company has supported numerous technology maturation efforts, engineering studies, and roadmap development activities for future high-speed platforms for the U.S. Department of Defense.

SpaceWorks is a pioneer in the field of modular satellite design, recently working with U.S. government agencies to develop a persistent, modular spacecraft platform for operation in GEO synchronous orbit. For several years, SpaceWorks has been developing hardware for key enabling technologies, creating engineering designs for platform modules and architectures, and helping organizations to evaluate the impact of game-changing modular spacecraft technologies.

Over the past 10 years, SpaceWorks has been an active proponent of NASA’s return to the Moon and supported a number of government and private industry-led efforts to development lunar lander vehicles. Most recently, SpaceWorks supported trajectory, reliability, and cost analysis of a number of alternative concepts for a NASA field center.

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